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Amazon Basin Emerald Tree Boas

.....Perhaps the most exotic, beautiful, and highly variable of the various localities. I have seen these animals range from patternless to thickly striped animals with large diamonds and lateral markings. The ventral coloration is enhanced with a deep shade of gold or butter yellow. Jet black skin pigment visible on the fold of skin on the bottom jaw as well as in between certain groups of scales on the lower third of the body is another peerless characteristic of this locality. Color phases range from grass green to a deep forest green with pale blue sides.

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"Black Morph" Amazon Basin Emerald Tree Boas

.....There are "Dark Phase" Amazon Basins and then there are these guys.  This female is the most melanistic Amazon Basin I've ever seen.  She was imported from Germany along with 2 siblings as babies 5 years ago (all 3 females).  The other 2 female sibs are not as black but definitely different looking than any other Basins I've seen.  These "Black" Basins seem to have some of the most intense Gold bellies as well which makes for a wonderful contrasting look.  Breeding some serious white into this bloodline just may produce some of the prettiest Emeralds out there.

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Suriname Emerald Tree Boas

.....A beautiful variation of the species exhibiting no striping and little to no lateral markings. The white markings can be described as a lightning bolt pattern. Color phases again range from a clean grass green color with little to no dark green dorsal background colors to a rich emerald or forest green with heavy dark green to black dorsal background colors. I have tried to selectively breed for heavy white markings in both color phases with exceptional individuals maintaining a good degree of white markings all the way up to the back of the head.

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"Black Morph" Suriname Emerald Tree Boa

.....Arguably the prettiest Emeralds I've ever seen. A pair of animals, that as far as I can tell, were born from a wild caught female. Locality unknown, but probably from an area around Surinam or Guyana; however both of these animals do exhibit lateral markings. The female has a reduced number of lateral markings which are solid yellow. These animals are loaded with black pigment in the scales. The male is the heavier black animal, approximately 80% and exudes a 'purple' iridescence under sunlight similar to that of a Boelens python.

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New Locality Emerald Tree Boas

.....I have seen only a few of these animals over the years I've been working with Emeralds. They obviously come from a small or infrequently collected location that produces an exaggerated lightning bolt pattern with a teardrop effect at the end of the 'bolt'. Also, characterized by extremely large lateral markings and little spots and flicks of white randomly scattered throughout the body of the animals. This seems to be a predominate characteristic of all the offspring as well. This is a stunning variation on the species and one in which I am extremely optimistic.

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Guyana Emerald Tree Boas

     A very impressive locality of  Emeralds.  Guyana produces some of the most striking "Northerns"  or  "Guyana Shield" Emeralds found anywhere.  Slightly different pattern from those found in Suriname with a more rounded lighting blot appearance. Also frequently exhibiting yellow highlights bordering the bolts. As the interest in pure locality specific animals increase, pressure is put on the importer to document locality specific collection data.  It also helps to know from which country the animals are actually shipped from as well. 

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Patternless Emerald Tree Boas

.....If your an Emerald enthusiast, then you've got to have at least a pair of these guys in your collection.  I am excited about any locality or morph that is different, even slightly, in appearance.  You can't get much more different looking than these guys.  A solid green Emerald with or without slight dark patterning! I prefer a little dark pattern to the animals.  It adds contrast and a more exotic appearance.  I look forward to breeding these in the near future. 

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