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     This female is approx 80% Black.  Not dark green, but black.  Even with a reduced amount of white she is stunning. The contrast between the rich black, forest green and bright gold is amazing. She is slated to be bread by my prized Dark Phase male "TN9814CAB" in the winter of 2004.  If all goes as planned, the resulting babies should have very nice markings and tons of Black.  Can't wait to see....

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..Another shot of the female above. This picture, unfortunately, does not capture the true intensity of the gold belly.  It is electric...

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     This is Sib #1. A crazy looking combination of black and the coolest shade of blue/green I've ever seen.  She is beautiful !!!  Very exotic looking animal.  Something is definitely going on with this bloodline. Can't wait to breed some Dark Phase animals back to this stuff. 

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     Another picture of Sib #1.  All 3 of these girls have an intense gold belly and wonderful contrast. 

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This is Sib #2.  Again, notice the very strange ground color. Very cool bloodline.



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