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.....Living here in Florida, I have seen my share of imported Emeralds. Over the years I have seen hundreds of them. I have never seen anything like this related pair of "Black" animals.

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.....As far as I can put together, the animals originated from a wild female that Wayne Hill (President of the Central Florida Herp. Society and promoter of the largest Breeders Expo in the Country) picked out of a fresh batch of imports he thought might be gravid. Sure enough, she gave birth to, again here-say, 7 babies. As the story goes, all of the babies in that batch exhibited this heavy black coloration. What happened to the rest of the babies is anybody's guess. Wayne doesn't recall the details either. What I do know is that these 2 animals were traded to Dave and Tracy Barker and from there, were part of a deal to the Smithsonian Zoological Park in Washington DC.

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.....I first saw the animals while on an "off exhibit" tour of the facility given to me by my good friend and Biologist in the department of herpetology Trooper Walsh. Right off the bat, I was blown away. I inquired about a possible breeding loan and after several months, worked a deal with the Zoo to out right acquire the animals. Needless to say, I am very optimistic and excited about trying to breed this one of kind color morph.

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.....Both animals exhibit lateral markings. The male has quite a number of elongated white lateral markings while the female only has 6 or 7 on each side and are almost solid yellow in color. The labial scales have a mixture of greens, yellows and silvers. Another striking characteristic of the male is the beautiful shade of green that breaks through the black scales in random flicks here and there. A rich forest green with traces of yellow and large silver colored blotches give him an extremely unique appearance.

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The female passed away last year from chronic respiratory problems.  The males are doing fine but the older male is showing little interest in breeding so far.   Keeping my fingers crossed that he finally catches on... 



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