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Y2K Babies

     Here are some shots of some 2000 babies that will be joining the breeding effort in a few years.  I am seeing more and more strange and beautiful looking babies being produced from these bloodlines.  I now have one of my hold back males from 5 years ago contributing to the genetic mix and that has got to be  one of the reasons the babies are getting prettier and prettier......     Enjoy !!!

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Ref. ID# TNM00100CAB

My best "Dark Phase" female TN9401CAB has produced some amazing babies over the past few years.  2000 was no exception.   Check this girl out !!!

Also, take a look back   at a couple of this Dam's prior years babies.

Her 6 yr old - tn9614cab

Her 4 yr old - tn9814cab 


Ref. ID# TNHP00100CAB

My "Home Page" female produced some Awesome babies this year.  I was going to hold back more than just these 3 babies but with space at a premium,  I had to let go of some unbelievable babies. This baby is also now pictured on the Home page in orange.   Every now and then, a baby is born with that "painted on white" and on top of that, this one put all 3 killer characteristics together; Stripe, Crossbars and lateral markings.  This will be one of the Best!!!

Ref. ID# TNWS00100CAB

This is a beautiful female from Wild stock.   A gravid female  brought into the country, dropped a beautiful batch of babies.  Most of the babies looked similar to this one.  Apparently, the bloodline is very strong.... 

Ref. ID# TNWS00200CAB

This is another female from the "wild" bloodline pictured above.  A truly unique pattern  makes this female a very interesting subject for breeding purposes.

Ref. ID# TNHP00500CAB

A female from the Home Page dam. Again, it's no wonder the babies have such nice striping.  Just look at the bloodline.  I really think, as we continue to breed these outstanding babies back to one another,  the markings will continue to get stronger and stronger.  I believe it will follow the path of the California Kingsnake in that one day, I think we will see a 50/50 animal.  Eventually, we should see better than a 50 percent white animal;  however, it  will certainly take considerably longer for obvious reasons. 

Ref. ID# TNMJ00100CAB

Last, but certainly not least, this freakishly marked baby is without a doubt, one of the most amazing looking animals I've ever seen.  Nearly dead a week after birth due to a "yoke granuloma" (fungus encased yoke sack that hardens in the abdominal cavity and therefor provides no nourishment). Surgery had to be performed and this gutsy little baby has made a remarkable recovery.  Unequaled crossbars and huge lateral markings make this little guy a stand out.



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