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ID# TN9103CA and


A pair of the dark phase animals breeding. This female is the largest (in shape) Suriname animal I have ever seen ( 6 1/2 feet and approx. 12 lbs). She has produced batches of 12, 18, 23 and 15 babies over the last 12  years. 23 is currently the largest batch of baby Emeralds I have ever heard of. This snake was one of the first imports out of Suriname when the country opened up again some 12 years ago.  I estimate she was approx. 12 - 16 years old when I got her.  That means her last batch of babies were born to a snake well into her 20's.  I'd say approx 24-26 yrs of age.  INCREDIBLE....   Although she still looks good, she is now very reluctant to breed with any males. What a snake though!!!

Ref. ID# TN9208CA

This beautiful male (what I call a "Jungle phase") was  produced from the female above. This is, with a doubt, one of the prettiest Suriname I have ever seen. Notice the rich coloration  around the pattern. Lots of yellow on the lower third of the body as well.   This bloodline is completely different from what is being imported today.  The colors as well as temperament vary significantly.  This bloodline or location seem to be extremely mellow for your typical Suriname.  A very stable bloodline and the females seem to be very prolific as well.   You'll notice the different shades of green and looks compared to some of the other specimens pictured below. 

Ref. ID# TN9206CA

A "Jungle phase" female also produced from the female above. This animal was bred at 4 years of age and produced 11 beautiful full term babies. Since then, she has produced a large batch of babies every other year now for several years.  Males of the same age showed little interest in breeding. Suriname males seem to require more time to mature than the Amazon Basin males.

Ref. ID# TN9207CA

A light phase female I produced here at 8 years of age. She has a lot of white, but a very busy pattern.  Another light phase female you will see below, has a much different  pattern.  Huge bolts and a much lower count of markings. Notice the lack of dark green coloration around the white "bolts" on this female. The light and dark color phases seem to be breeding true.

Ref. ID# TN9801CA

An animal born 7/98 from another very nice light phase female. Notice the incredible amount of white which starts right behind the head. She has the most white right behind the head I've ever seen on this Locality.  She came from a large batch of 17 babies and there were several real "screamers" in that batch.  My good friend Noe Perez has another one of the "picks" from this bloodline.. 

Ref. ID#

This is a beautiful 3yr old male  I'm bringing up from a new bloodline. The  Dam is an incredibly nice looking snake.  This little guy should prove to be a nice addition to the breeding line in a year or two.  

Ref. ID#

This is a fabulous new female we got in as an import.  She was the only one of 3 animals to pass quarantine.   Lots of yellow highlights  and a beautiful rich green coloration.  When bred to a nice dark phase male, we should see some really nice offspring.   Looking forward to it.   Project scheduled for Fall of 2002.

Ref. ID#

This is  another incredible "light phase" female I'm working with.  Notice the huge back to back lightning bolts.  A very reduced count of enormous markings. I can't wait to see what she could produce.  It is extremely interesting to me the different "morphs" within the same species.  Incredibly variable markings and colors.  It's all good......  




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