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Ref. ID# TN9701CAP

.....I received a phone call from a friend of mine one day who is always on the lookout for different animals. He is also an Emerald enthusiast like myself. He informed me that he had found 2 completely unique looking animals out of a large shipment of Emeralds destined for Japan. He managed to secure the animals and I received them a short time later. They were 2 females. The one larger female you see here and a slightly smaller animal not presented on this page. They were set up in quarantine and the smaller animal accepted food right away. However, after only a couple of days the tell tale signs of problems were visible. Bloating and a series of regurgitation followed; not unlike many peoples experiences with imported Emeralds.

Ref. ID# TN9701CAP

.....With my prior experience with "regurgitation syndrome" I would have to say that animal will more than likely not make it. The larger animal was still not even accepting food and it has also been my experience , that larger animals tend to adjust poorly to captivity. Having lived all their lives in the wild, the stress and miss-handling of captivity is often too much for them to handle. I really thought I was just out of luck on the whole project. As the months passed, she continued to refuse food. I began to get the feeling she just might be gravid. She was loosing weight and yet still keeping a little mid body fullness.

Ref. ID# TN9701CAP

.....It was mid December around lunch time when as usual , I entered the room to check on her. There to my amazement, were 9 beautiful red babies and 1 green one on the cage floor and crawling around on a couple of the lower branches. Christmas had come early. Almost all the babies exhibited similar type markings to the mother. Teardrop markings and some degree of lateral white markings were present as well. As the babies grow, they are developing more coloration similar to that of the mother. Yellow flicks around the lateral markings as well as mixed into the upper "bolt" patterns are becoming more visible. The mother appears to have a false eye pattern on the back of her head. I have never seen this sort of markings before. There is actually rose bordered scales in the false eye pattern. Very strange!!

Ref. ID# TN0002CAP

Here is another beautiful female we acquired back in 2000.   When our male gets big enough to breed,  the resulting offspring should be Amazing....

Ref. ID# TN9810CAP

This is our little male produced from TN9701CAP.  He is now about 4 yrs old but hasn't showed much interest in breeding to date.  Keeping my fingers crossed. 




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