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Guyanan ETB

Ref. ID# TN0101CAG

Now that more information is available on locality collected animals, it makes it more interesting to see just what a variety of patterns and colors that these impressive arboreal snakes come in.  This beautiful Guyana Emerald Tree Boa has acclimated very well to captivity and once we find her a suitable mate, the pairing should make for some outrageously beautiful babies.  This should prove to be a very popular and exciting Locality to work with; and undoubtedly become a very popular morph in the pet trade.

 A clean crisp white with minimal darkening in the white pattern makes this animal a real stand out.  

Ref. ID# TN0101CAG

Another shot of this impressive sub-adult  female.        


More pictures to come as soon as I find this girl a mate.   Anticipated babies from this locality hopefully by the Fall of 2004.



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