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     The animals on this page are the result of bring together some of the best animals millions of years of evolution has to offer.  I'm here to tell you, only the best looking animals made the cut for importation. For every one hundred animals collected, only approx. 30 may be shipped into the country; and out of those 30,  maybe one or two has bigger than a 2 scale stripe.  Lots of animals with little to no markings were left behind. We are now finding,  when we bring these best of the best animals together in breeding projects, a tremendous percentage of the resulting offspring in almost all cases, are better looking than the adults...And when we breed these screamer babies back to one another in a few years, who knows what we will see.  As with any selective breeding program, the goal is to produce healthy, beautiful offspring.  Its my goal here at Awesome Arboreals to do just that.   Hope you enjoy !!!

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Ref. ID# TN9814CAB

A male held back from our 98 babies. He is already showing that rich dark coloration of his mother (tn9401cab).


Check out some shots of this guy as a baby.....  Click Here !


Ref. ID# TN9814CAB

Here is a shot of same male above taken 6/01 at almost 3 yrs of age.  He is developing into an incredible animal.   He will be extremely dark and exotic looking.

Ref. ID# TN9810CAB

A female held back from our 98 babies. She is also showing a rich dark coloration like the mother (tn9401cab).


Ref. ID# TN9807CAB

A Dec. 98 animal from unrelated blood. Should make an outrageously nice addition to our breeding stock...This animal has incredibly long, exotic teardrops/diamonds extending more than half way down the body. 


Check out some shots of "Wagon Wheel" as a baby.....  Click Here !


Ref. ID# TN9807CAB

Another shot of animal above taken in 6/01 at almost 3 yrs of age. Click on image to get the full effect.

Ref. ID# TN9806CAB

Another Dec. 98 animal from unrelated blood. Classic Basin markings with an unbelievably beautiful shade of Emerald Green. 


Baby Pic.

Barbed Wire

Ref. ID# TN9804CAB

Uniquely patterned male. Barb wire design. Absolutely beautiful animal.  This is a baby from our female (TN9801CAB). We will breed her again in winter 1999/2000.  Babies will hopefully be available Dec 2000.

Ref. ID# TN9901CAB

A late March 99 baby from one of the best looking males in the country. This baby carries the genetics, when bred with the right mate, to produce something we may not yet have seen...    

This animal was sold and is now living in the Philippines.



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