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02 Holdbacks

     Only held 2 females back from my breedings in 2002.   Check them out below.      Enjoy !!!

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Ref. ID# TNM009_02CAB

This is my female holdback from my Dark Phase female I call "Mom" (TN9401CAB).  Mom is responsible for some of the nicest Dark Phase Emeralds out there.  You can see another pair of her babies on Photo Gallery II.   Mom is a TRUE 7 footer and the "Ultimate Tree Snake".  These really Dark animals were among some of the 1st Basins imported  since that long dry spell.  I don't know if they were "Collected out" or what, but  after that first year, I never saw another one come into the country.   This bloodline is very prolific as well.  Mom's batches have been 14, 15, 17 and 15 over the past 7 years. She is gravid again and due in Aug-Sep 04.  She looks miserable.  I will be giving her at least 2 years off after this next batch.  Just a great bloodline though. 


Ref. ID# TNRB001_02CAB

This is a female holdback from a Snake a friend of mine has called Binnay.  She looks a lot like her mother with a beautiful shade of green and nice rich coloration coming in around the blistering white. Should be some good breeding stock.



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