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I waited a long time before taking the plunge into the  patternless arena.  I honestly don't know what I was waiting for.  I've seen some nice specimens over the years, but when I saw this particular pair, I knew it was time. The original male didn't make it through quarantine and died but I finally got a worthy male (in fact, the best patternless I've ever seen). Imports are, without a doubt, a big gamble and should be given ample time to adjust. Fecals should be tested by a qualified Vet and proper medication should be given to reduce the levels of parasites.  Our thoughts here at Awesome Arboreals is to never expose Captive Born animals to imports at all.  Eventually, I hope to phase out all imported animals all together and replace them w/ strong, parasite free captive born and raised animals.      

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Another shot of the female above


WOW !!!

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     This is a new female here at Awesome Arboreals.  This is one the coolest patternless animals I've ever seen.  I love the heavy black polka dots all the way down the back.      

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    Another shot of the new female.   The search goes on for the perfect male....     

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     Found him..  The perfect male to go with my females.  This is THE best "anaconda phase" patternless I've seen.  He is a uniform green all the way up to the back of the head with perfect frosted black polka dots all the up as well.  Keeping my fingers crossed he will be a good breeder.  Hoping for babies in the Fall of  2004.      



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