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Ref. ID# TN9614CAB

This is an adult male produced here at my facility from female (TN9401CAB seen below ).  He has been breeding since the age of 3 yrs.  Some of the babies he has Sired have been incredible.


Ref. ID# TN9607CAB

A beautiful dark phase female. Her babies produced in 2000 were outstanding.  Some of the nicest crossbarred babies I've seen.   Including this Freak I call Tiger.  


Ref. ID# TN9801CAB

This is one of the largest Amazon Basins I have seen. A young adult 6  plus foot female with a head the size of the palm of my hand. This animal produced the babies in the next 3 pictures below (TN9802CAB, TN9803CAB, and TN9804CAB). In our 2000 season she produced some of the nicest babies I've seen including this hold back (TNHP001-00CAB).

    See all the hold backs from 2000 on the new Photo Gallery III.


Ref. ID# TN0102CAB

This is a very large female acquired just this year.  She passed her  quarantine period and I hope to breed this wonderful girl this winter.  She has a ton of crossbars and when paired up with one of my 'textbook' males should produce some unbelievable looking offspring.   Babies anticipated around 8/03.  Keep your fingers crossed...


Ref. ID# TN0302CAB

One of the best looking males in the country for sure.  This incredible male bred for us this year (2004) and I can't wait to see the resulting babies.  Could be some of the best yet...

Diamond Boy

Ref. ID# TN0202CAB

A classic text-book designed Basin male. Incredibly thick crossbars and a nice grass green coloration.  Possible mate for female pictured above. 

A Friend

Ref. ID# TN0201CAB

What a nice little female.  This snake has that 3-D look to the white, where the pattern looks like it sits up off the green. She is a tough little snake enduring surgery to remove a fungal granuloma developed during her importation period.  Imported animals are a big risk and you never know what can go wrong with them.   Strict quarantine procedures should be followed if you plan on dealing with them.

Ref. ID# TN9608CAB

A very nice light phase male with symmetrical little diamonds and clean green sides.  He produced babies with TN9304CAB last year and all the babies resembled him.  Extremely thick stripes and small, symmetrical diamonds.  

Ref. ID# TN9701CAB

One of my personal favorites (Noted in Pic 4). This now adult female has the most outrageous white diamonds I've ever seen. A back to back connection of the diamonds makes for an even more dramatic appearance. She also has little spots of white off the normal pattern and in between the crossbars. Lateral markings the size of quarters are without a doubt the largest I have ever seen on any Basin. 

Her babies last year were the single nicest batch of Basins born I have ever seen...  Check em out..... 

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Please don't bother asking about availability,  they were spoken for before they were born...    Hopefully, we will have some more in the Fall of 2003.


Mom (7 footer)  Awesome !

Ref. ID# TN9401CAB

This dark phase female is the mother of the male in the first picture on this page (TN9614CAB).  Her babies grow very quickly and all I have kept track of develop this beautiful "Dark" rich appearance. This animal is now 7 feet in length and has a muscular lateral compression that defies belief.   To see her out crawling around is absolutely impressive.    The ultimate "Tree" snake.  

Her 5 Yr Old

Her 3 Yr Old

Her 1 Yr Old


Ref. ID# TN9609CAB

The "snowflake" design on this female is very different from the other more "classic" patterned animals I am working with.  Her babies last year were incredible.  Most exhibiting that "snowflake" pattern.  Strange thing is that when born,  the babies just had fairly normal striping and crossbars (beautiful all the same).  The snowflake markings came in as the babies went through their color changes.   Unfortunately, I ended up getting rid of the "pick of the litter" without knowing how it would turn out.  Some babies and bloodlines for that matter,  are surprising in the way the babies "explode" with white on the vertebral area during color change.  

ID# TN9506CAB and TN9405CAB

A pair of adults. The male (on the right) has one of the richest shades of green I have seen. The female is a light phase animal with a heavy white pattern and strong lateral markings.


Ref. ID# TN0203CAB

This beautiful female has an incredible pattern. 3D looking markings and a wonderful ground coloration make her a really fantastic specimen.  She is slated for breeding in the Fall of 2004,  and  babies are  anticipated  around Aug. 2005.   Better get on that list early...   



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