Color Change Activity

Below are a few shots of  "tn9814cab".  One of the most impressive "Dark Phase" animals I've ever seen.  I think this snake is one of best looking Basins in the world.  When you put this intensity of white on one of the most dark, rich, exotic background colors, you just get perfection.  He will be bred to his sister this year and the babies could be "The Next Level".    Enjoy....

Pic 1 below was taken just a few weeks after birth.



Pic 2 below was taken at approx. 8 months of age. You can start to see the "Peach" colored scales starting to come in.  I knew this one would be special.



Pic 3 below was taken at approx. 3 years of age. Now, at 5 he is even darker and better looking.  His head is just about solid black now.





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