Sorry, this is not a juicy gossip story but rather a wonderful confirmation of better things to come.  It's official !!!  Another incredible trait that breeds true..  I have been waiting for 3 years to breed my "Diamond (tn9701cab)" female.  She is somewhat of a "freak" with the largest diamonds and lateral markings I've ever seen on an Amazon Basin Emerald Tree Boa.  Well...  the facts are in and all I can say is WOW !!!  Her babies are incredible. All have huge diamonds and most have incredible lateral markings as well.   The other interesting thing is that most of the babies have these huge diamonds  'back to back' just like their mother; making for an even more dramatic appearance.  



Mom's baby

We now have the missing 'link'.  The final confirmation of the Big 4. Characteristics that when brought together,  will eventually,  create the "perfect" looking animals.  I'm talking about, Stripe,  Crossbars,   Lateral Markings and of course,  Diamonds.   With all of these 4 characteristics breeding true,  it's only going to get better....


Emerald Tree Boas Available



Tony Nicoli



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