Color Change Activity

Below is another transformation "in progress" of one of  "Stripe's" (TN9801CAB) babies from this year. 

Pic 1 below was taken just a few weeks after birth. (Notice the 1 scale stripe has a few breaks)



Pic 2 below was taken at approx. 4 months of age. You can start to see the "Peach" colored scales starting to come in.  Not white yet, but you can defiantly tell something is happening. There is also a little bit of thickening of the crossbars as well.  Notice the big blotch of peach coming in right behind the head next the faint crossbars.



Pic 3 below was taken at approx. 5 months of age. The "Peach" colored scales have turned a brighter white.  More yet are still visible and coming in just behind the head and neck.  Major change right behind the head.  Tons of white appearing and crossbars are getting a little thicker and brighter.



Pic 4 below was taken at approx. 7 months of age. This is one of the strangest color changes I've ever seen.  Basin babies usually fade to green all at once.  This guy is absolutely beautiful right now.  What you can't see is all the green that has already come in on the sides.  He really looks WILD....



Pic 5 to come....  Stay tuned....


This baby is changing quickly.  Most take approx. 8 months to a year.  I think this is a direct result of the fact that these babies are huge and growing like weeds.  They are, pretty much, already the size of yearlings.


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