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GHI Animals Available.

GHI balls are an investment quality animal with big potential.  Pastel GHI's have one of the nicest ground colors of all the morphs out there; and the speckled pattern has enormous potential when bread to your other favorite morphs.  The shades of bronze are spectacular on the pastels.  They keep this impressive coloration into adulthood as well, which is a huge plus in my book.  My breeder Pastel male is still gorgeous. I even have a couple of Super Pastel GHI balls available as well.  Which means everything you produce from them will be at least Pastel. Can't beat that ;)



Super Pastel GHI female #1 (740 grams)  you could be breeding this female and others down the page in 2015. pic 1 of 2  3,000.

Super Pastel GHI female #1 (2nd pic) color is a little washed out in this pic.  Color in 1st pic is accurate.  Notice the crazy almost lavender color on the sides in pic #1.  (more noticeable on female 2)



Super Pastel GHI female #2 (730 grams)    3,500.   SOLD



Pastel GHI female #1 (760 grams) beautiful.  These guys sometimes have these little spots of red on them.  Go figure.  Notice at the very bottom of the pic.  very cool.  2,500.



Pastel GHI female #2 (675 grams).  Color slightly washed out on this pic.  Same beautiful bronzes on this animal.  2,200.



Pastel GHI Female #3 (175 grams)  Really busy pattern and speckling on this little girl.



Pastel GHI Male #1 (700 grams).  This guy is ready to breed for you THIS winter.. ( actually now).  Money maker for sure. If you were to only breed this male to 1 or 2 females this year, you would still make money.  I know, I keep a very small collection of Balls.  It's still worth it to me to invest in a breeding size male even if I only plan on breeding him to a couple of females a year.  2,800.


Pic 2  Male (700 grams)  2,800.


GHI Yellowbelly Male  Screaming!!!  This little guy is absolutely beautiful. If he were a she, it would not be for sale.  Matt said it was one of the nicest looking yb ghi's he'd seen.  1,800.




Emerald Tree Boas Available



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